5-Minute Craft: Toilet Paper Roll Bee

Stuart and Diz!

Our bees have returned to Stonewall Apiary for some love and care while the Museum is closed. Thank you to our beekeeper Stuart and his faithful sidekick Diz for taking care of our hive! In honor of our bees and knowing everyone currently has toilet paper rolls around, here’s a craft that we hope will get your kids buzzing!

Supplies Needed:

  • Toilet paper roll
  • Yellow, black and white construction paper
  • Glue or glue stick
  • Scissors (adult supervision required)
  • Black marker
  • Black pipe cleaner (optional)


1. Cover and glue the toilet paper roll with the yellow construction paper.

2. Cut out three black stripes from the black construction paper and glue them onto the toilet paper roll horizontally. Leave a little space between each stripe.

3. Cut out bee wings from the white construction paper. Need help? Here’s a template to download.

4. Glue the wings on the back of the bee.

5. Glue or tape pipe cleaner to the top of the roll to make antennas. You can also make some from the leftover black construction paper.

6. Make your bee come to life by drawing it a face! Bee complete!

from the creative mind of Miss Rita


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