Little Artist’s Studio: Fairy House

Every child needs a little magic in their lives, and what’s more magical than fairies!


  • Popsicle sticks
  • Empty small box (tissue, etc.)
  • Glue (Tacky glue or glue gun work best)
  • Buttons, gems
  • Tupperware container or another small plastic container without a lid
  • Stones
  • Glitter, small sticks, small pine cones, any other nature inspired materials (optional)


1. Fill plastic container half way with dirt or sand and set aside.

2. Cut a door and windows (if you’d like) out of the small cardboard box. Cut the box down to size if it doesn’t fit in your plastic container. Glue popsicle sticks and/or sticks from the outside onto the cardboard box using a glue gun or tacky glue. *If using Tacky Glue allow extra time to dry*

3. Once your popsicle sticks are dry, add buttons, gems, glitter and any other decorations to the stick house.

4. Add stones and other materials to make a path in the plastic container on top of dirt or sand. Add house to open area in plastic container once dry.

5. Be creative! Add a fairy sigh, bridge, chairs, even a fairy! The options are endless.

*This is meant as an indoor fairy garden. If you want it outdoors, place in an area that will stay dry* Enjoy!

– from the creative mind of Miss Katie

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