Niantic Teddy Bear Hunt

The hunt is afoot! The Teddy Bear Hunt that is! Residents of Niantic & East Lyme are putting teddy bears in their windows to brighten the spirits of both children and adults alike! See how many teddy bears you can spot! When you walk through your neighborhood or take a drive with the kids, keep a look out for all the teddy bears!

Keep the teddy bear love going by making your own bear out of a box. Learn how below!


  • Brown, black, tan and pink construction paper
  • Cardboard box (cereal box works well)
  • Tape
  • Glue stick or glue
  • Scissors (don’t forget adult supervision!)
  • Black marker (optional)


1. If your cardboard box isn’t brown on the outside, cut the box down the side and turn it inside out. Tape to secure.

2. Cut out a black nose (rounded triangle), two pink cheeks (circles or ovals), two tan feet (large ovals), two black eyes (circles or ovals), one tan snout (medium circle), two brown ears (rounded rectangles) and two pink ear canals (medium circles).

3. Glue the shapes into place to form the teddy bear face and feet.

4. Glue the two medium pink circles onto the ears and either glue or tape the ears to the top of your bear.

5. Your bear can be complete after Step 4, but you don’t have to stop there. You can add arms bear, a mouth and paw prints to your bear. You can even make clothes for the bear! Let your imagination run wild! (Like a bear!)

from the creative mind of Miss Rita

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