Earth Week: Recycled Soda Bottle Planter

Earth Day is April 22, but we’re turning it into Earth Week! Our blog will be filled with projects using recycled materials, science projects demonstrating pollution and more videos from our entertaining staff! First in our series is this cute planter made from an old soda bottle.

Messy level: 3 (because of spray paint/paint)
(5 = Super messy. 1 = Not messy at all.)


  • Empty two or three liter plastic soda bottle
  • Sandpaper or large emery board
  • Spray paint or paint
  • A pair of good scissors or an EXACTO knife
  • Small knife or large nail (for drilling drainage holes)
  • Paint pen (optional)
  • Sharpie and tape (if using a template)


1. If using a template, tape the template to the bottle and trace. Remove template and cut out design using either sturdy scissors or an EXACTO knife.

2. Use sandpaper or a large file to make the outside of the bottle rough. This makes it easier for the paint to adhere.

3. Using a small knife or a nail, poke holes into the bottom of your planter.

4. Paint your planter using spray paint or paint. (Spray paint works the best.) Wait until completely dry before you move on to Step 5.

5. Using a Sharpie, paint pen or more paint, draw a face onto your planter. Get creative!

Here are some templates to try or use for inspiration: Bear  Pig  Bunny   Cat


– from the creative mind of Miss Rita

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