Spectacular Seeds

We’re turning Earth Day into Earth Week! Our blog will be filled with projects using recycled materials, science projects demonstrating pollution and more videos from our entertaining staff! Fourth in our series is an experiment with seeds! Do plants really need dirt to grow? Let’s plant some seeds and find out!

Messy level: 1
(5 = Super messy. 1 = Not messy at all.)


  • Paper towels or paper napkins
  • Seeds
  • Clear jar
    (No jar available? You can use a small plastic sandwich bag.)
  • Water


1. Fill the jar with paper towels. It should be pretty full in order to secure seeds to the sides.

2. Place the seeds around the sides of the jar, between the towels and jar. If you are using a sandwich bag, place a folded paper towel in the bag and one to three seeds.

3. Wet the paper towels and place your jar in a sunny place. Be sure to check the paper towels over the next couple of days to make sure they stay moist.

4. What happened to your seeds?!

– from the creative mind of Miss Sarah P.

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