PopLab: Making a Muppet

Today marks the 30th anniversary of the passing of the brilliant Jim Henson. So we wanted to honor him the best way we knew how, by making a muppet! Want to make a muppet like Miss Rita? Here’s her tips and tricks. And be sure to tune into PoPLab every Saturday on our Facebook page!

Messy level: 2
(5 = Super messy. 1 = Not messy at all.)


  • Fleece or felt
  • Sewing kit or sewing machine
  • Batting
  • Ping pong balls (or styrofoam balls)
  • Baby clothes (unless you want to sew your own)
  • Skewers or dowels
  • Hot glue gun
  • Cardboard
  • Scissors
  • Sharpie marker
  • Yarn or fuzzy fabric for hair and skin (optional)


When researching for this episode, we found that these articles are the ones that helped the most.

Instructables: How to Make a Muppet Puppet

Instructables: DIY Muppet

What we learned

1. Start simple and take your time.

2. Sewing is a must, but you don’t have to be a master at it. Miss Rita only knows two basic stitches.

3. Cut out your muppet form larger than you want your muppet to be. You need plenty of fabric for when you turn your muppet inside out.

4. Don’t make your arms too thin or they’ll be hard to turn inside out and to stuff.

5. BE SUPER CAREFUL cutting ping pong balls in half. This is an adult only task and be sure to use a sharp knife.

6. Get creative. There’s really no wrong way to make a muppet!

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