Recycled Bag Admiral Ackbar Puppet

Reduce, recycle and reuse! Turn two brown paper bags into everyone’s favorite amphibious military commander.

Messy level: 1
(5 = Super messy. 1 = Not messy at all.)


  • Two small brown paper bags
  • Black, white, yellow, grey and off-white and beige felt
  • Hot glue
  • Scissors


1. Crumple and un-crumple your bags.

2. Cut approximately 6 inches off the bottom off one of your bags. Glue or tape that portion onto the “head” portion of the other bag. This should form a longer face for Akbar. Round off the top of the section to make his head oval-ish.

3. Take a long rectangle of off-white felt and glue it around Ackbar to make his jumpsuit. Cut and glue a thin strip (1/2 inch wide) of off-wide felt and glue that to the top of the jumpsuit.

4. Make Akbar’s arms by cutting small squares out of the beige felt. Cut small slits into the felt to form fingers.

5. Roll and glue two rectangles (3 inches x 5 inches) of white felt into tubes. Glue a hand to the end of each tube. Attach arms to puppet.

6. Cut out five small beige rectangles (1/4 inch x 1 inch). Glue those just below the puppet’s mouth fold.

7. Cut out small squares and rectangles of black and grey felt to form the Admiral’s insignias. Glue to the puppet’s chest.

8. To form the eyes you’ll need to cut out two black circles, two larger yellow circles and two slightly larger beige circles. Our black circles measured 1 1/2 inches wide. Stack and glue the the circles in beige, yellow, black order. Glue to the sides of the puppet’s face.

9. Cut out a rectangular piece of black felt (approximately 4 inches x 2 1/2 inches) and glue to the underside of the puppet’s mouth.

10. Finally, cut out two small circles to form Akbar’s nostrils. Glue to just above the mouth opening.

11. You puppet is now complete and ready to take on the Death Star!

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