Summer Science Returns!

We’re kicking-off our reopening with our popular Summer Science Days! Join us for a summer filled with science, learning and wonder. We’ll be exploring a different science each week from July 14 to August 25 with demonstrations and hands-on activities. All activities are FREE with Museum admission thanks to the generosity of Pfizer, our Summer Science Days sponsor. Click here to reserve your Museum ticket today.

July 14-18: Chemistry
Explore states of matter by mixing household items to create fun reactions or new compounds! Visitors will participate in such activities as color mixing, water molecule attraction, the mystery of Nano Sand, the Exploding Geyser, and Rocket Reactions.

July 21-26: Biology
Biology is the study of life and the changes that take place with and around all living things like plants and animals. During this week, we will look at the lifecycles of organisms like plants, honeybees and frogs. There will be daily “Meet the Animal” demonstrations with our Museum residents, which include a leopard gecko, Russian tortoise, bearded dragon, and Caribbean hermit crabs.

July 28-Aug 1: Construction Engineering
Let’s get building! This week is full of physics concepts such as force and motion, gravity, and simple machines. Visitors will explore Newton’s Laws of Motion by making their own balloon car. Let’s not forget about creating a Tegu masterpiece, building a shelter from our Thinker Linkers or creating a machine from the Museum’s new Rigamajig set!

August 4-8: Sustainability
Sustainability focuses on meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. The concept of sustainability is composed of three parts: economic, environmental, and social. Our Sustainability Week at the Museum will mainly spotlight the environmental component through such activities as learning about point and nonpoint sources of pollution with one of our EnviroScape® models and making crafts out of recycled items. Sponsored by the NISE Network & the Rob and Melani Walton Foundation’s, Rob and Melani Walton Sustainability in Science and Technology Museums Program

August 11-15: Robotics
Children become astronauts as they take a tour of our solar system! They will learn what stars and constellations are and make their own constellation viewer. Visitors will have the exciting opportunity to try some new space-related experiments from our 2020 NISE Network Explore Science Earth & Space Toolkit! Sponsored by Pfizer & the NISE Network Explore Science Earth & Space

August 18-22 : Meteorology
This week visitors will learn about different aspects of weather and the water cycle. Guests will test cloud formation through our Investigating Clouds Experiment. Children will also explore different types of extreme weather like lightening and tornadoes. Other activities include making a windsock and creating a water cycle craft to take home.

August 25-29: Electricity and Magnetism
This sizzling program explores the power of electricity and magnetism! Children can create a circuit with their body or use Snap Circuits to make a light glow, rotate a fan or start a motor. We’ll even try to harvest electricity from everyday foods! Visitors will also have the chance to experiment and build with magnets along with creating their own magnet craft to take home.


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