Princess Leia Cupcakes

The Force is strong with these cupcakes. Perfect for Star Wars Day or any Jedi’s birthday, these cupcakes are super simple to make.

Messy level:2
(5 = Super messy. 1 = Not messy at all.)


  • Cupcakes (made from scratch or a cake mix)
  • Cream cheese frosting
  • Brown food coloring (or chocolate frosting)
  • Chocolate Oreo cookies
  • Black gel icing
  • Pink heart sprinkles (optional)


1. Bake cupcakes and let cool.

2. Cover cupcakes with cream cheese frosting.

3. Create hair by mixing more frosting with brown food coloring (or just use chocolate frosting) and piping onto cupcake as shown.

4. Using the black icing, add two dots to the cupcake to make Leia’s eyes. You can also use the black for her mouth if you don’t have a pink heart or sprinkle available.

5. Take one pink hear and add it to her face for a mouth.

6. To make Leia’s signature hair buns, use a dab of icing to stick Oreos to the sides of the cupcake.

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