STARLAB Starlight, Starbright

After learning what stars and constellations are, children enter the dome and look at different star patterns. This program presents actual pictures around the constellations in the night sky to […]

Fossils to Footprints

Go back to prehistoric times to discover what fantastic creatures roamed the earth! Find out what they may have looked like, acted like, and ate. Students become a paleontologist and dissect a […]

My Five Senses

Explore your way through our sensory stations. Squish around in our slime bin; try to identify mystery smells; determine what tastes salty, sweet or sour; hunt for items in our I Spy jar; or explore […]

Under the Sea

Using imaginations and some of the museum’s sea life artifacts, children start on an exploration of the ocean habitat. Explore different seaweeds, meet some sea creatures, use realistic stamping to create […]

Color Explosion

Learn about colors through a story and felt board before diving into color mixing with our test tubes and droppers, sorting color teddies, and doing some “mouse painting!” 45 minute program […]

Amazing Magnets

Come explore the properties of magnets! What is a magnet and what “sticks” to them? Students will be introduced to concepts such as attraction, repelling and magnetic poles. Activities include using […]

Crazy Science

Get out the safety glasses and lab coats – It’s time to become scientists! From reactions to polymers, scientific principles such as states of matter, substance density or surface tension, […]

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