EnviroScape® Coastal Using the EnviroScape® Coastal Model, students learn about point and non-point sources of pollution and the effects on the ocean and coastal communities. Students experience the effects of pollution […]

Meet the Animals

Learn about ecosystems, habitats, food webs and many other aspects of the natural world in a way that is exciting for your students during this one hour program. Our staff […]

Energizing Electricity

In this sizzling program, explore the power of electricity! Students will become part of a Human Circuit, use fruit to complete a circuit, and use Snap Circuits to make a […]

Engineering 101

Learn about force and how the motion of objects can be changed by pushing and pulling. Through hands-on stations, students explore the six types of simple machines and determine how they […]

Fossils to Footprints

Go back to prehistoric times to discover what fantastic creatures roamed the earth! Find out what they may have looked like, acted like, and ate. Students become a paleontologist and dissect a […]

Crazy Science

Get out the safety glasses and lab coats – It’s time to become scientists! From reactions to polymers, scientific principles such as states of matter, substance density or surface tension, […]

Germ Jungle

We live in a germ jungle! Learn about the different germs around us, see if there are any on your hands with our black light and discover how to make […]

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